Update by user Oct 31, 2014

MY Update: I am publicly going to say that this is not a scam and have realized this now and Ryan actually contacted me and really explained the whole thing.... as Ryan worked on helping me understand the situation and actually had real problems that forced him into switching sites and there was really nothing he could do.

Now the new site will be here to stay and it is actually a good time to sign up now if your where thinking of trying it as it can be any more legit than it is right now as Ryan is trying hard to make it a completely honest system to earn money with and he swears he is not stealing and shaving and gave me his word so I feel that he was really falsely accused by me a little too soon.... and I just wanted to let people on here know that those were not his intentions.

Update by user Sep 12, 2014

If you want to get away from ryan maynard join a program that still works click here I have recently switched back and have been getting leads like normal again.

Ever since switching links I have been getting sales and referals again. Ryan was stealing and skimming my leads so bad I got nothing with his program at the end when I getting 1 or 2 signups a day then went to not even getting a opt in let alone a signup, now surprise, surprise I get leads again.

So just to let everybody know if you want to switch programs it is easy, your already signed up for mycash freebies I don't get commission for this as your probably already signed up, I just want you to switch before ryan takes your leads it will just be a matter of time.

Original review posted by user Aug 04, 2014


I wanted to write a quick report on Ryan Maynard and his terrible copied program Online Profits For Newbies which used to be called Online profits For Dummies and he switched the name in the middle of the program making everyone that signed up under him using his links to forfeit them and by default go to Ryan Maynards (HIS) account the guy who decided to be yet the 7th or 8th person to set one of these networks up. Also most of the time that someone set these networks up they would game the system and steal leads by redirecting your links to give the owner the credit and cash payout.

The original one that I heard of was zipp natta ziltch and then instant payday network working with my cash freebies, then ryan maynard the brilliant no talent person that he is, decided to make "online profits for dummies" and let everyone get set up on it and waste tons of time and then decide he is going to switch it to "online profits for newbies" which doesn't seem like a huge deal unless you know what his intentions were. If you were already promoting this program you then had to change all you links and forward domain addresses or it would just default amazingly to Ryan Maynard.

This guy want to pull the wool over everyone's eyes.... if you are on the top leader board he wont skim your leads as you would notice and tell everyone, so this little pecker decides he will skim everyone by first making a fake person to sent leads to named lance harkey who one time made 150 signups in an day or so, if you are in the program you would know that is impossible with as many people over saturating the referral marketing niche or the make money online videos on you tube.

So what he did essentially is created a escape goat with lance harkey and then now you don't see this guy and ryan had no idea what happened ....yeah he was just the owner of the site with all the admin privileges and was able to change anything he wanted but for some reason he got bunch of sales and no one ever heard from him again.

Then the top guy in his program does not do it anymore either. Also now this little pecker ryan maynard then after doing all this just can't get his lame excuse for brain to stop thinking he just keeps on scheming with his pals that he meets in the MLM pyramid community, these are the people who could never make it with online business so they try the easy way signing people up for garbage, and rarely it will work if you don't mind constantly lying to anyone and faking it till you make it.

The only people that the empower network works for are the people at the top and they know that they are the only ones that will continue to make money and go to the seminars and show you their big checks but they are just there sorta like las vegas casinos programming a winning slot machine right by the main entrance of a casino, so people can see a winner and think I can do that if he can.

This is just a huge waste of time as ryan maynard will try to steal your lead for empower. When you sign someone up unless you pay monthly into the empower network you wont make money from it, and if someone signs up under you not only will ryan steal every other one of your my cash freebie referrals but he will also steal your empower sign up.....

As these people sign up with your link if your not paying your monthly empower bill or signed up then ryan maynard gets your sale...any link that you could ever build in that system is held in the environment controlled by Ryan Maynard as he had "lead capture system" make his whole site for him as he doesn't know jack *** about online business. He is just a little follower sheep and any half wit could and already does run the same type sites he is, and ryan maynard is just another one of those lil ***, acting too big for his britches, burning his little bridges.

Remember the main thing is that he is lead skimming, look it up and also type in "Online Profits For Newbies Scam Ryan Maynard and read the ripp off report and add a comment if you agree...

Together we can take down this little turd for making us waste our time while this lil son of a *** re routes our affiliate commissions and changes links so he can selfishly try to hit his $10,000 dollar a month goal. This little pretentious church boy brags to everyone that this was his goal after quitting lawn maintenance and you can do the same thing. You could if he did not game his own system/environment.

Ryan maynard is not only copying this system like many others before his "ZNZ" "Instant payday network" etc. but he is cheating the system just like others before and they got caught eventually but not before the owner makes a killing and then they will just change the name when things get rough like he already has from "online profit for dummies" to "online profits for newbies"


I included a leaderboard shot from the backend of the huge referral difference that ryan maynard got after he switched links and sent all the traffic to himself and still is really confused he said on how to change that so he hasn't...yeah right... there are easy ways that he could do it and also a comment on a ripp off report that says he was given the info to change them and never responded or took any action. he just decided to not care as he has changed the name once he can do it again and again as he has his referral link on a separate domain and even if he changes the domain over and over again the only people who get screwed are the people who sign up to the program as once your in he controls it and then tries to put on this nice college boy act on you tube hangouts and acts bewildered but he is completely stealing your leads...

If you were doing online profit for dummies and were a part of when he switched names and got screwed I would get mad real mad like me and file a complaint with the BBB, then with ripp off report, then pissed consumer or just add comments on to the complaints that are already there.


Look below and you can see the image of a screen shot I took of the real leader board and see how many more referrals he has than everyone else and it was not always like this in fact there was a guy who used to get more than him and now all of a sudden is not doing it anymore.

The people below him have more videos up but ryan maynard just keeps on getting sales, things are definitely fishy as I would make a consistent sale every other day and now nothing has changed except all the changes Ryan made and all of a sudden I get Zero sales go figure.


"Online profits for dummies Ryan maynard scam" then add comment on ripp off report or file your own against ryan.


"Start bombing his videos with comments on how he has screwed you and stole your leads if he has and vote all videos as spam and thumbs down the videos"


"File a report against his name and company at the BBB"

WRITE AN ARTICLE WITH HIS PICTURE so it come up with keyword search:

"Get a JPG of his picture so he can't use his face to scam by another name he would have to come up with someone else as his face a picture would be tied to scam and stealing fraud if you put that in the title and meta tags for the picture and then write a blog article or make a video on how he stole your leads after you put in a lot of time and effort"

Monetary Loss: $150.

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Krak, Malopolskie, Poland #923907

New Online Profits For Newbies website -

Los Angeles, California, United States #893585

I have had ryan really explain what happened and due to the whole wiley lawsuit and other things was forced to do what he did and then the program that he uses made it look like he was getting tons of leads in to his own account when really it was just reading free leads as well and he explained that it ended up doing that as he was not experienced at doing those types of things and by default went to him and really tried hard to contact me personally and let me know that he was doing what he could it just turned out making him look like the scammer due to the fact that he was the owner.

I just wanted to come out and explain that he is not the person I thought he was and did work on trying to make it right and he says the program is finally fixed and the name is changed so now is actually a better time to get in theoretically than before as he has updated the site and there will be no switching site anymore as there wont be another lawsuit. So now in IMHO I believe this program can and will work and Ryan Maynard is actually a person who seems genuine enough to make it right so he legit now in my book.

Salinas, California, United States #888652

Ryan Wants to move on like nothing has ever happened NOW IS THE TIME TO TAKE HIM DOWN AND ANY BUSINESS THAT HE MAY WANT TO START, if he starts another business it will be under different name or will be working will Wade Baskins, dave renike, or Marissa bush or Byron maynard...Also this will save you soo much money getting duped by ryan "lets make some MLM money" Maynard as he will want you to sign up for Enpower and Ipas 2 which cost a lot of money monthly to make good money back and if you keep hustling and grinding, you stay stuck in the MLM game until all friends and family usually end up hating you or you have to be sneaky and sign people up for express my cash freebies and then *** them into hopefully doing empower and you only get paid if you yourself have already signed up for what someone has bought from you so for example you want the $1000 dollar commission you need to buy the $1000 product first or else the commissions go to your sponsor .


They just want to get you on THEIR MULTI LEVEL MARKETING SCHEME ipas 2 and enpower network costing $4-10k at least a month as they don't tell you how much it will be later down the line. HE want to get as many people in his system and then rob and shave thier leads and then switch over to ipas2 and enpower full time before this little *** goes down the tolilet.....


Marissa Bush wants to be his boyfriend and so does wade baskins so do not believe them as they are his loyal Wiener sucking followers.

Cancel you account with ONLINE PROFITS FOR NEWBIES and do anything else as it is a scam


Also marissa bush an wade baskins and dave reneke are all ryans *** kissing folowers..... they are saying it is working when its just because they are in too deep and can't quit as they have signed up and pay monthy for ipas 2 enpower MLM and have a billion videos up and don't knw what else to do or they would probably leave to. don't believe Ryan or any of his *** kissing followers as they will talk you into going into the program and then ryan will just shave the leads to keep him and his dad up top


Scammer big time ! Every DOG has his day !

Ryan Maynard and Online Profits for Newbies is something you better stay Far Far away from.

He has ripped off a lot of Good people folks... *** !


He is the ultimate *** ! Skims all your leads !

Dirtbag honestly, He stole so much money from just me it still *** me off. And he knew...I knew what he was doing...actually he is a *** too...anyone with a single brain cell can figure it out. But Ryan don't care...he just moves on to the next poor person looking for a legit opportunity !You WON'T find it w/opfn online profits for newbies.

He is a straight up CROOK PEOPLE ! Promise...that !

to Truth Alwats Comes Out Detroit, Michigan, United States #886030

Yeah every month you will notice no matter what Ryan and his dad always are on top.

They start lower but keep getting up on top that seems a little fishy, that no one can beat them and the one person that did was Kevin Ferguson and now he does not do the program...I wonder why a person who was selling more than the creator of the program would all of a sudden quit?

There were also two times Ryan not only shaved leads but stole a lot of leads by creating a fake profile Lance Harkey who know ones knows about one month got almost 400 leads in a few days and then one month when he switched all his links without telling anyone and ended up with 333 leads in a month (around 150 is the best you can probably ever realistically do) and he never tried once to re pay anyone all he wants to do is apologize....and say he didn't want you money oh yeah he didn't want like $16,000 of your money and sales while people of his program are lucky to get $150-$200 a month



**********Then link all forum complaints and bad reviews to this pissed consumer page and the ripp off report link and take the SOB down.******************* If you started online profits for newbies or dummies and made sales then all of a sudden did not.... it is not because you were not working hard enough..... it was Ryan noticing and then shaving your leads he doesn't take all of them, that would be too noticeable, no he just takes enough to make it hard for you to make it and you feel like your wasting a lot of time on the program and still not making what you feel like you should, that is ryan stealing leads. He is not the first to do this there was another program just like this and the owner was doing the same thing, also some shady affiliate companies will also do this they will take every other lead or shave a few when you get a lot or just down right steal them and not tell you a thing.

There was a guy dennis medler that was doing a lot of videos and I rarely saw him on the leaderboard he should have easily been at the top by now and he gets very low. If you wasted time and money building all the *** you need just to realize that ryan Maynard is gaming his system and redirecting leads to himself then you need to retaliate, remember his unorganized crime ring are all his *** kisser followers like Marissa "Big BONED" Bush, Wade "bilbo baggins" Baskins Also Dave Reineke is supposedly his business partner. These people will all say its the greatest program even though dave and wade don't even make the leader board. Marissa Bush was the first person in his program and is in love with ryan and will do anything so ryan probably can't steal from her or only steal a little so her dumb *** doesn't know, it is a "don't *** where you eat" type thing.

********Go find the ripp off report TYPE IN "Online profits for newbies" IN GOOGLE AND MAKE A REBUTTAL ABOUT YOUR STORY AND HOW ONLINE PROFITS FOR NEWBIES HAVE FAILED YOU!! We need to take this little pretentious dip-*** Ryan "The tard" Maynard out of commission I am sure Ryan will read this and then not shave as many that month so he is just under the top person but so far ever since kevin left the program Ryan and his dad are the only two. Kevin used to be on videos with him and everything. He does not work on videos nearly as much but still no matter what will be on top that seems un-natural and rigged and even more rigged even if he is low he still is on top, why would he never have a bad month, oh yeah he redirects, shaves and steals leads from his community of followers.

He learned this in his super duper en power MLM seminars he goes to. Hopefully the mlm portion of the business will eat up all his money and we wont hear from Ryan Maynard anymore.


Thank you ... He is a joke and a rip off.

He did the exact same thing to me and MANY others. I told him it wouldn't be long before it ALL catches up to him...and I told him I KNEW he was a thief too... Like one kid and his dad are the best marketers online don't you know ?

Bet they wouldn't be in ANY other program...but HIS ! He will have lots of time to think

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